Play therapy session

The right help, when you need it

It’s normal to struggle with all the emotions that come with having a seriously ill child; every family member will be affected, and everyone will deal with their feelings differently.

Your Family Support Worker will work with you and your hospital care team so that they can easily identify when, and what therapy will best help each of you at any given time, offering you access to our wide range of services.

Counselling and support groups

For the adults and the older children we support, we offer specialist counselling with trained therapists. Talking in a confidential and safe space is a great way to process the impact of a diagnosis and explore all the thoughts and feelings that come with that.

We also offer access to support groups facilitated by a psychologist or one of our Family Support Workers. Being able to share your worries with other parents, can be a powerful way to help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Creative therapies

For younger children, we have a range of creative-led therapies to offer. Through things like play, music and art, they can explore their worries and discover how to express their feelings in a way that feels intuitive to them.

Using play as a natural form of expression is a great way to help your child better understand their feelings and process upsetting things that are troubling them. Play Therapy sessions are ideal for school age children, whist Play Time sessions are designed for pre-schoolers.

Music-making sessions use sounds and melodies to creatively explore emotions. Sessions are unique to the individual and you don’t need to have any prior musical experience to get involved. Music Therapy sessions are ideal for school age children and above, whilst Music Time is designed for pre-schoolers.

Through colour, texture, symbols and sometimes a whole lot of mess, art therapy is a fantastic way for all ages to express themselves. Therapists will encourage children to create what they feel and it’s really helpful for those who struggle to open up through talking.

Our newest service, this is a one-to-one therapy which mixes all the above to offer verbal and non-verbal ways to explore feelings and emotions. You don’t have to put on a performance, and you certainly don’t need any previous experience to benefit from it either.

If you’d like to know more about any of these services, your Family Support Worker will be able to help. They can provide you with more information, as well as recommending which ones might work best for you and your family.