Helping hundreds of families

In any given year, we support over 240 families whose child is in active treatment and over 100 bereaved families; offering personally tailored support to care for the emotional and mental wellbeing of every single family member.

Because no family should have to cope alone

Everything we do is about making a positive difference when it’s needed most.

Life with a child who has cancer or another life-challenging condition, is incredibly difficult. Some of the most common issues that families will find themselves dealing with are feelings of isolation, anxiety and worry. Education can be affected, family relationships and finances can be strained and, generally, every family member’s wellbeing will be impacted. 


As a small and agile organisation we pride ourselves on being able to react quickly to changing family circumstances. We regularly monitor our family’s needs through ongoing evaluation and surveys, so that we can listen to the issues they’re facing, and research and implement new ways of delivering services for them, exactly when and how they’re needed. 

We’re here to support the whole family; whether that’s the child themselves, their parents or their siblings, our aim is to improve their overall wellbeing as they navigate life after diagnosis. We do this by focusing on:

  • Reducing feelings of isolation   
  • Improving emotional and mental wellbeing   
  • Strengthening the entire family unit  
  • Creating a positive association with hospital   
  • Enabling ability to cope at times of increased strain

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None of what we do would be possible without the generosity of our supporters; whether that’s someone taking on a fundraiser for us, one of our wonderful partnerships with local companies and schools, or grants from the Trusts and Foundations who share our vision.

Every single pound donated makes a difference. Last year, your money meant:

  • 117 hours of one-to-one support from Family Support Workers each week
  • 40% increase year on year of families benefitting from our one-to-one therapy services.
  • 150 doorstep visits from Santa at Christmas.
  • 149 families enjoying one of our respite breaks. 
  • 300 personalised treats such as hampers, afternoon tea, books and toys.

If you’d like to support us, you can find out how your money can make a difference when you donate.

You can take a look at how we’ve helped hundreds of families over the last year by reading our annual report.