After her first round of chemotherapy, she spent three months at the Royal Marsden Hospital, including over Christmas and New Year and then two months at Kingston Hospital. She even spent her 17th birthday in hospital and in isolation.  During all this treatment, she has only managed a few days at home here and there. She’s endured her cancer treatment, stem cell transplant, infections, operations and then coronavirus isolation – with no respite from the side effects – with a smile, positivity and fortitude. So much so, she even decided to use her time in hospital lockdown to take on a 2.6 challenge and raise money for Momentum Children’s Charity.

We couldn’t have got through this without the love and support of family and friends, the commitment and cheerfulness of the doctors, nurses and healthcare assistants but also the huge support brought by the pastoral care of Momentum Children’s Charity.

Louise, Izzy’s mum and art partner for their 2.6 challenge

Izzy received treatment at St George’s Hospital in Tooting and then the Royal Marsden, again in lockdown, and during this time Izzy undertook two incredibly detailed still life canvases and Louise created a series of six commemorative plates celebrating the heroes of the fight against coronavirus. “We had the idea to do our artwork as part of the 2.6 challenge to say thanks to Momentum for looking after Izzy, and to make a small contribution to their fight to stay afloat during these difficult times”

“The amazing efforts by Izzy and Louise, as well as many other families who have chosen to give back by fundraising for us through these difficult times, are so incredibly humbling” reflects Bianca Effemey, Founder and CEO of Momentum Children’s Charity “We are committed to making sure no family with a seriously ill child ever has to cope alone, and so thankful for all of the support we are being shown right now”