I love my hair so much, but the way I look at it is my hair will grow back whereas the lives that have been lost to cancer will not…. I hope you can help me reach my £600 target.

And reach her target she certainly did! Thanks to lots of generous sponsorship, she managed to raise a phenomenal £1,590.

“We are so incredibly touched by Lily-maye’s fundraising. It’s such a special thing for someone so young to do, and the money she has raised can help the families we support in so many ways; whether it’s paying for respite breaks in one of our cabins or funding counselling sessions to talk through worries and fears, Lily-maye has helped to make a real difference.” Sarah, Head of Fundraising and Marketing, Momentum Children’s Charity.

We’re not the only ones moved by her actions, Jessica, Lily-maye’s mum told us “I think I’m the proudest mum on the planet right now. it was such an amazing selfless achievement for Lily-maye and she would do it again in a heartbeat!”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a #HairRaisingHero like Lily-maye, get started today>