The room is predominantly used by children who are having their bloods taken, including children that the charity supports who are undergoing treatment for cancer. The environment can really help distract and relax children during this unpleasant procedure. The children are now able to immerse themselves in the design, whether it’s focusing on the fish in the sea, the beach hut on the sand or seagulls on the ceiling.

A representative from Momentum Children’s Charity visited The Rowans School and Reed’s School to share a print of the final design with children and staff, as well as thanking them in person for their fantastic fundraising. 

Our School Council nominated Momentum Children’s Charity as our local Charity of the Year in 2017. It’s brilliant to see the newly refurbished room designs and we are thrilled to know that our school fundraising has made a real difference.

Head of The Rowans School, Joanna Hubbard,

Housemaster of Mullens House at Reed’s School says: “‘The whole of Mullens House at Reed’s School are excited to see their fundraising efforts from last year being put to such good use by Momentum Children’s Charity. The Prefect leadership team are looking forward to visiting the room in the future but hope that it makes a difference to all the children who are treated there.”

Bianca Effemey, CEO and Founder of Momentum Children’s Charity, says: “The charity has worked closely with Kingston Hospital for almost 15 years and this project is the third we’ve completed in just the last six months. We are so grateful to The Rowans School and Mullens House at Reed’s School for supporting us and it’s great to hear how much they liked the beach design!”