We spoke to Jenn Kent and Donato Difelice from the Kingston based firm to find out more about why they chose Momentum and their experience of fundraising and working with the charity.

We chose to support Momentum Children’s Charity because it is local to us and the families it supports are part of our local community. It’s more rewarding to be involved in something which is directly helping people you may know, or know of. Also, by supporting a small, local charity, we know that the money we raise is going directly towards families in the local area who need it most. We like knowing we are able to make a difference.

“Supporting Momentum Children’s Charity has become a major part of who we are as a company. Many of our social events, like the bake sales and quizzes, are centered around raising money for Momentum, so we have woven fundraising into the way we operate as a business. We are also really competitive, which helps to spur us on to raise even more money!

“Our favourite fundraising event so far was probably the Kingston Dragon Boat Race because it was a really fun day. We all came together as a team and really got behind the cause. We just wanted to win and raise as much money and awareness as possible for the charity. Another favourite is our bake sales; they are a delicious way to fundraise and to sample and admire each other’s baking skills!

“With everyone forced to work from home during the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve really enjoyed keeping connected and competitive by doing our Lockdown Run and our Miles for Momentum fundraising challenges. There are so many different events on the charity’s website which really help keep us engaged and involved with the everything they are doing to raise money and awareness.

The relationship we have with Kate, our Account Manager, is really great! We’ve been able to buy into Momentum Children’s Charity a lot more because of that relationship. Having someone to help guide us in a fun, friendly and supportive way makes a huge difference.

“Kate is always there to talk through the different fundraising ideas and how to manage them practically which really helps us and makes our fundraising so much easier. We are a small company too, so really appreciate all the little, personal touches of support we get from Kate which make a huge difference and we feel like what we’re doing is really worthwhile.”