“During our time working with Momentum Children’s Charity, we have done a variety of different fundraising events including sports challenges, Easter egg and cake sales, a Smarties challenge, quiz nights and a graduate fun day to name but a few. The stand out event had to be when Sally Desborough cut 20 inches of her hair and then shaved off all the rest! Fidelity matched her fundraising efforts meaning we were able to give the charity over £15,000, which was fantastic!

When I went to Epsom Hospital and saw the impact Fidelity’s donations had made, I was overwhelmed with pride. I saw and heard first-hand the positive effect the children’s ward refurbishments clearly had on the children and families, as well as on the staff.

We’ve really enjoyed working with Momentum Children’s Charity and have always got lots of support from Kate with regular visits and updates and it’s great to know that our donations have helped make such a big difference to so many people’s lives.

What surprised me most about the charity is how much money they raise and how many people they help especially given they are such a small charity.

We wish them a very happy 15th anniversary and long may they continue to thrive in everything they do!