Bright and colourful images inspired by Dame Jacqueline Wilson’s books, such as Tracy Beaker and Hetty Feather, now adorn the previously plain and clinical walls of the Isolation Room, where very sick children can spend up to several days at a time being treated.

With images of children playing in the sea, a hot air balloon and children jumping up and down for joy, each scene on the walls of the Isolation Room tells a story. The storyboard idea was a collaboration between Dame Jacqueline Wilson and illustrator Nick Sharratt, who provided many of the original illustrations for Jacqueline Wilson’s books. Graphic artist Tudor Morris, who as a teenager was supported by Momentum, also helped with the design of the project.

I’m so pleased and proud that Tudor has designed such a wonderful room using Nick Sharratt’s illustrations from my books. If looking at the pictures give a sick child some entertainment or comfort I shall be so happy.

Dame Jacqueline Wilson

The renovation and redsigned of this room, which was completed in May 2017, was made possible thanks to the generous support by The Wisley Foundation.

The Jacqueline Wilson refurbishment has utterly transformed the isolation room from a bland, clinical-looking hospital room to a bright and colourful space, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Some children will spend days on end isolated in this room, and having a cheery-looking room with storyboards as wall art to distract them can make such a difference to their recovery.

Karen Spence, Ash Ward Manager