“I decided to support Momentum Children’s Charity having heard the story about how it all started, with Bianca, who was spending more time comforting children and their parents in front of the reception desk, where she was supposed to be working, than behind it. She saw there was a huge gap in the care the hospital was able to offer and decided to actually do something about it.

I was so impressed by one person’s care and decision to make a difference. It is easy to see how invaluable the charity’s support is to children and parents going through such frightening times.

“I myself have had chemotherapy over an eight month period and I remember the worry on the faces of the parents that were accompanying their late teens, early twenties children to their chemotherapy sessions. It must be even worse for parents of younger children.

“I believe in paying back my own good luck. I have survived cancer three times and am incredibly grateful for the care and support that I received.  There are many large, well-known cancer charities out there, but I wanted to support a small, local children’s charity where I would know the impact and difference our support would make to families facing unimaginable times.

I love receiving the charity’s newsletters and reading about the brave families and their stories. What matters to me, is feeling part of our extended community, knowing where the money is going, and that it is going to where it is truly needed.

“Bayley & Sage are delighted and proud to be supporting such a worthwhile, local charity and will continue to provide ongoing support to help improve the lives of seriously ill children and their families.”